In this section of Observer Game, we publish the current terms and conditions for collecting, processing and storing information about our customers. We tell you openly why we need it and how it will be used, because we respect your right to know.

We are also committed to protecting your information. We do not use more than is necessary and permitted by Australian law.

The types of information we collect

While the user is in the casino, special software automatically processes the following:

  • Server logs. This includes the person’s registration data, the IP address of the device, and so on. From the logs, we can also understand how much time the customer spent on the casino website.
  • Behavioral data. By analyzing how a customer behaves on the pages on the online casino, we understand their interests and desires. We also see the calendar of visits and other non-public information.
  • Location. We can only find out where your computer is located when you visit us.

Why is our resource collecting your data

None of this is ever used against you. We need this information only for the best reasons:

  • to improve the level of our service;
  • to make our website more interesting for you;
  • to offer you advertising that will be of interest to you;
  • to understand which pages have problems that are bothering you.

Protection of personal data

There are special workers who control the proper operation of technical support. These are tools that protect you and the information you leave behind. Thanks to them, you cannot become a victim of hackers and malware on our website.

Everything we know about you is used only by us and cannot be accessed by others.

We use the most advanced encryption protocol. This guarantees your privacy. Only a limited number of people can use everything we have listed above to further optimize the site and its purposes.

How long data and personal information is stored

We delete everything we have collected about customers when it is no longer needed to achieve our goals. Storing the collected material does not violate your privacy.

In situations where the data is untrue or an error has occurred, we immediately delete everything that has been collected.

Cookie Policy

You may see a notice about cookies. These are special files that store material about your behaviour on the website. They help us analyse our customers even better and then offer them an improved product.

This file only stores a fragment of your information, not all of it. We cannot influence your computer or phone through cookies, or do anything for you.

You do not have to agree to the saving of cookies. You can also read all the terms and conditions in more detail at the link that will be in the notice. That way you’ll know exactly what we will know.

Here are the links to find out what the rules are specifically for your browser:

Moving to other sites

You can find links in the casino. They may redirect you to other websites. These other resources will have their own terms and conditions for which we are not responsible. Please study their terms and conditions before you go there and close the page of our casino.

Online Games

Casino games also need information about you. This is mainly your slot behaviour, betting amounts and other behavioural characteristics. Some of them provide their own Privacy Policy, others do not. We can’t influence that. It is laid down by the manufacturer of the game when it is developed.

Also, only you are responsible for your financial management. If you lose, it is not our fault. We do not guarantee 100% returns in games. You must remember that no game is guaranteed to make you a profit. Therefore, use the Responsible Gaming features that we also have on our website.

Before you register, read all the conditions we ask for. You should understand: if gambling is banned in your country, you play at your own risk.

Restriction on the collection of your data

We do not forbid you to update your profile details or change them. You also retain the right to prevent us from using your information. You have the special option for this. How to do it:

  • During registration, uncheck the box next to the permission to collect your data.

Observer Game is then guaranteed not to investigate your information. Whether we have permission or not, your data is protected. We do not share it with unauthorised people.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The clauses of these conditions can be changed if we so decide. But customers will certainly be notified. This section also always remains open for you to use.