It is very interesting for all players from Australia to play casino and gambling games. They use this method as a rest. But there are situations when it is difficult to control yourself and you constantly want to play. Then it becomes a bad habit, which is called addiction.

The experts of our site have prepared a guide that will help determine if you have an addiction. This will help you stop and start in advance.

What is gambling addiction?

The constant desire to gamble is similar to an impulsive disorder. In this case, people cannot control their own actions. Even if they know it’s bad for them. Research has identified three common types of game addiction.


Players cannot control themselves and constantly make bets in gambling. They are looking for opportunities and an excuse to spend their money on gambling. Even if they know they can’t pay for the loss.


In this case, the person becomes obsessive for some time. This creates the illusion that the games are under control. But in any case, such players lose control and cannot stop.


This is the most innocuous case when the dependence appears partially. But despite this, the game remains out of control. Such a player will control his losses, but it will be very difficult to fight the desire to play again.

These are very serious types of addiction. Solving such a problem on your own will be very difficult. In such situations, comprehensive assistance is needed.

How to understand that there are problems with gambling?

There are generally accepted criteria for diagnosis – DSM 5. They were published after research at St. Vincent’s Hospital. To determine the presence of addiction will help such signs that may appear during the year:

  • you think about games if you don’t have access to them;
  • you want to get gambling emotions from big bets;
  • you feel irritable if there is no access to games;
  • you are constantly looking for a reason to bet, regardless of losses;
  • you lie to friends and family about how much money is spent;
  • you ask to borrow money from strangers;
  • you ask for money from relatives and friends;
  • you are trying to leave the casino for good, but you come back.

If some points apply to you, then you need to pay attention to this. It is best to seek qualified help!

How can you protect yourself from gambling?

You can’t solve addiction problems alone. There are many solutions to fight gambling addiction:

  • read more about the casino and the principles of responsible gambling;
  • do not spend all the money and set a limit on the amount of bets;
  • stop gambling for a few months to see how you react to this change,
  • use apps to block ads and casino sites.

You can show weakness and that’s okay. Talk about responsibility with others and you will be helped. Relatives and friends will be able to help with the control of your gaming activities. It is always important to speak out loud about problems. Also consult a psychologist or doctor. They are knowledgeable and can help!

How can gambling addiction be cured?

There are many methods to help get rid of problems with games. There is no specific method that can cure it. Therefore, we recommend using several methods. The use of treatment methods depends on your age, where you live and your personal nature. Tell us about it and the support group will help you choose the best treatment method.

Therapy and counseling

The help of a psychologist is considered an effective method of treatment. The specialist will be able to understand the cause of the problem and help improve your behavior. Most of all, players suffer not from games, but from mental health problems. Your local doctor will help you find the best specialist for comprehensive care. They will allow you to make a plan for working on yourself.

Medical treatment

There is no cure for addiction. But with the help of medicines, aggression and the nervous system can be treated. Such drugs may be prescribed to minimize the desire to return to games. This will hide your desires and remove unnecessary stress.

Group support

Group support is a very effective technique. You will be able to speak openly about the problem and discuss it with people just like you. This kind of support will soothe your mental health and help you face the problem!

Additional Information

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Life lineIf you feel aggressive, you can call 13 11 14
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What Causes Game Addiction?

There is no reason to get addicted to gambling, but there are factors that can trigger it. They can be different and depend on the presence of other psychological disorders.

  • Biological factors: Many of the signs of gambling addiction can be similar to other diseases. Therefore, the biological factor is most often decisive during the appearance of gambling addiction. For example, according to studies, people who use cocaine are more likely to suffer from gambling addiction. Also, insufficient amounts of serotonin in the body can increase the risk of disease.
  • Psychological factors: If a person has psychological factors, they can cause difficulties in games with a 50 percent chance of winning. Distorted thinking causes a change in the psychological state of a person, causing addiction.
  • Social factors: These factors can include loneliness, stress, or even depression. Difficult life circumstances can attract players to go online and forget about real life.


Gaming addiction is considered a serious condition that affects the quality of life. That is why it is so difficult to treat this condition. It is important to help yourself and your loved one in time.

If you see signs of such an addiction in yourself, then you should try to avoid gambling. Get qualified treatment at the first signs, so as not to worsen the situation!