3 Reel Pokies is one of the most popular forms of online gambling entertainment in Australia. Despite being digital, they have a design that is almost identical to the original 3 reel slot machines created in 1895 by Charles Fey. While at first, when this type of games were only introduced, they were not as exciting as they are now. It is fairly easy to win big money with the help of these games, if the gambler knows enough details on what makes them so special. 

Types of 3 Reel Pokies

The main characteristic that defines the complexity of 3-Reel Pokies is the number of lines with symbols. There are basically three types of such games:

  • 1-line; 
  • 3-line;
  • 5-line.

1-liners are originals, because it is the type of poker that is used by most classic casinos. This type is recommended for new players, who would like to try out the gaming process of such games. For people who have an experience with 3 reel online pokies, it is recommended to check more modern versions with three or even five lines, because they have much more combinations and as a result – bigger money winnings. 

Reasons to Play 3 Reel Pokies

It may look like 3 reel pokies Australia may be boring in terms of gaming process in comparison to their modern counterparts on the slots market. In reality – it is not true. Here are a couple of good reasons why people should give such games a chance: 

  • Simplicity. 3-reel pokies are easy to understand and play, making them a great choice for beginners.
  • High payout percentage. 3-reel pokies typically have a higher payout percentage compared to other types of slot machines.
  • Classic feel. They offer a classic and nostalgic feel, reminiscent of the traditional one-armed bandits.
  • Fast-paced. With only three reels, game play is fast-paced and exciting.
  • Affordable. With fewer reels, 3-reel pokies often have lower minimum bets, making them an affordable option.

These reasons alone should make people play these games. But it is also important to learn what is the best way to do that. 

How to Play 3 Reel Pokies

To succeed at playing 3 Reel Slots, gamblers need to know how to start them properly. Nothing difficult, as gamblers will simply need to go in with the following step-by-step instruction:

  1. Create an account. Choose the online casino that has a slot machine that you want to play, read the reviews and complete the registration. 
  2. Open the banking page of the chosen online casino and use one of the supported methods to make a deposit. 
  3. Browse through different games in the category of three reel pokies in order to find a proper game to play.
  4. Open the game and read the instructions provided by developers to learn the controls basics. This will help to learn more about the withdrawal policies.
  5. Click on the “Spin” button and start winning. 

These games are pretty easy to handle. Even beginners should have no problems with starting playing these games. Just choose one of the top slot machines and enjoy the gameplay. 

Our TOP List of 3 Reel Pokies

In order to get the best impression out of playing three-reel pokies, it is important to try out top titles. We recommend the following list of games:

  • Fruit Fiesta. It is a well-liked classic slot game that is widely played online. It offers both a classic three-reel version and a five-reel version for more variety. The game’s appeal stems from its progressive jackpot, although it does not reach the same high amounts as other video slots like Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune. Despite this, Fruit Fiesta still provides good rewards for players.
  • Cash Splash. This is a classic slot game from Microgaming with both 3-reel and 5-reel options. It has a big progressive jackpot prize. The symbols are simple, featuring traditional symbols like cherries, 7s, and bars, as well as a wild Cash Splash logo that can replace other symbols to create winning combinations.
  • Fire Joker. This is a 2016 slot game from Play’n Go that breaks the norm of new games mostly being five-reel. This 3-reel game demonstrates that classic slots can still be enjoyable. It features bonus features like Re-spin of Fire and Wheel of Multipliers that offer the chance to win 800 times your bet.
  • Fantastic 7s. This is an old online slot machine developed by Microgaming. The objective is to hit as many 7 combinations as possible and win. It is a simple 3 reel game and ideal for newbies who want to try their hand at slot machines. The game includes classic slot symbols like cherries and bars, making it a great starting point for those interested in traditional slots.
  • Gladiator’s Gold. This is a classic 3-reel slot machine game with a theme based on the ancient Roman gladiators. The symbols are traditional bars and sevens. The gaming process is simple, with no wild symbols or bonus rounds. 

All of these games are an easy recommendation for beginners. No need to spend too much time learning the basics of how to play them – gameplay is very simple and rewards are truly good. 

3 Reel vs 5 Reel Pokies

3 Reel pokies have 3 rotating wheels with a limited number of symbols, making it easier to understand and play. It has fewer winning combinations and typically offers lower payouts. 5 Reel pokies have 5 rotating wheels with more symbols, making it more complex and offering more winning combinations with higher payouts. It also has added features such as bonus rounds and free spins. 

Both types offer entertainment and the chance to win money, but 5 reel pokies are generally considered more exciting and offer more opportunities to win big. But the huge advantage of 3 reel pokies is the opportunity to simply open them and start playing, even if gamblers do not have enough experience with this sort of game. 


Are 3-reel slots better?

3 reel slots are better only for beginners, for experienced users it is recommended to prefer 5 reel slot machines.

How do 3-reel pokies work?

To play, you place a bet, spin the reels, and hope that the symbols line up on the payline to create a winning combination. The payouts vary depending on the combination of symbols, with the jackpot being awarded for hitting a specific combination, such as three of the same symbol.

How many reels are in a pokie machine?

Pokie machines can have anywhere from 3 to 5 reels. The number of reels can vary and influence the game’s complexity and winning potential.

What is a reel in a casino?

A reel in a casino refers to a cylindrical component of a slot machine or pokie that spins and displays symbols.